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Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses a laparoscope to view the internal female reproductive organs. A laparoscope is a type of camera that can be placed into the abdomen and pelvic through a small abdominal incision. Images from the laparoscope may be sent to a video monitor. A laparoscopy may be used to identify abnormalities and diagnose disease. It may also be used during complex operations.

Historically, exploratory laparoscopy was used to diagnose ovarian disease, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, and cancer. Its use has expanded to include removal of tubal pregnancies and removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) or ovaries (oophorectomy).

Preparing for Surgery

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Indiana Urogynecology

Dr. Brent Suozzi
Dr. Brent Suozzi is a female pelvic surgeon who specializes in complex pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary retention, pelvic organ prolapse, fecal incontinence, and constipation.

His focus is on improving and restoring quality of life. Treatment options are individualized to the patients goals. This can vary from conservative management (pelvic floor physical therapy, pharmacological treatment, pessaries) to surgery.

8051 S. Emerson Ave. (Entrance #8)
Suite 400
Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
Office: (317) 790-3355
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Our Indianapolis Doctor’s Schedule Surgeries at the following locations:

Franciscan Surgery Center
5255 E. Stop 11 Road, Suite 100
Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
Phone: 317-528-5900
Fax: 317-528-5909
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Franciscan Health Indianapolis
8111 S. Emerson Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
Phone: 317-528-5000
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Community Surgery Center South
1550 E. County Line Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227
Phone: 317-887-7600
Fax: 317-887-7606
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Community Hospital South
1402 E. County Line Road South
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227
Phone: 317-887-7000
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Our Mooresville Doctor’s Schedule Surgeries at the below facilities:

Franciscan Health Mooresville
1201 Hadley Road
Mooresville, Indiana 46158
Phone: 317-831-1160
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Mooresville Ambulatory Surgery Center
1215 Hadley Road, Suite 100
Mooresville, Indiana 46158
Phone: 317-834-9900
Fax: 317-834-9501

IU Health West Hospital
1111 N. Ronald Reagan Parkway
Avon, Indiana 46123
Phone: 317-217-3000
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Post-Operative Instructions: Laparoscopy

Activity: You may drive a car 24 hours after surgery if you feel capable of doing so. Avoid heavy lifting (greater than 20lbs) for two weeks. No other restrictions are necessary. It is recommended that you have periodic rest periods if you notice being tired for the first few days following surgery. Lying flat with a heating pad will help alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort if any should occur. Also, products that contain Simethhicone, such as Gas-X, and eating small meals for the first forty-eight hours may be helpful.

Sexual Intercourse: Intercourse is permitted two weeks after surgery.

Menstruation: Following surgery you may notice occasional spotting or bleeding; however, the surgery itself should have no effect on your periods, unless an ovarian procedure was also performed. If an ovarian surgery was performed, your cycle may be irregular.

Bathing: Showers and tub baths are permitted at any time.

Work: You may return to work whenever you feel up to it. This is generally within one to three days.

Stitches: Your incision(s) should be cleaned daily with antibacterial soap and water. Absorbable stitches have been used in your incision and do not need to be removed. Dermabond glue may have been used over your incision. You may remove the glue one to two weeks after surgery. One week after surgery, you may use Mederma (over the counter) on your incision to decrease scarring. If the sutures have not dissolved by your post-operative visit, they may need to be removed at that time. Please call if you experience any signs of infection, such as: redness, tenderness, swelling, green drainage, or foul odor at the incision site or vaginally.

Return Visit: If you do not have a follow-up appointment already scheduled, please call our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to be seen two to four weeks after surgery. If it also important to notify your physician sooner if you experience any severe abdominal pain, fever greater than 101.5, heavy bleeding greater than a pad an hour, or a change in bowel or bladder habits.

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ATTENTION: We are allowing PATIENTS ONLY in our suite to allow for social distancing in our waiting room. You MUST wear a mask while in our office. Contact our office if you are experiencing any symptoms prior to coming to our office.