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Obstetrics & Prenatal

Normal & High Risk Pregnancies

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman's life. Having the proper care and knowledge is essential to a successful term and delivery of your baby. We provide full pregnancy care, from conception through delivery and even longer. Our experienced team can help you every step of the way on this incredible journey. We offer specialized care in family planning, prenatal care and delivery.

Prenatal care is crucial to your baby's healthy development. Regular doctor's visits are recommended and will allow for professional monitoring of your baby's health. A regular appointment should include checking the baby's heart rate and checking your blood pressure, urine and weight gain. Ultrasounds can be performed to visually check on the baby's development.

In addition to our general obstetrical services, we also provide care for high risk pregnancies, including women with pre-existing medical conditions, multiple births or abnormal pregnancies that carry an increased risk of complications. Our doctors strive to develop strong, trusting relationships with their patients to help them experience a smooth pregnancy.

Complications during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, premature birth and recurrent miscarriages can also be treated by our specialists. For these women, we provide frequent monitor exams and special delivery techniques to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

After developing a partnership with your doctor over nine months, you can work together to ensure a safe and successful delivery. It is important to choose a doctor you trust for this memorable journey.

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Lactation Teaching & Assistance

Breastfeeding is a natural and healthy process that provides advantages to both baby and mother. Many new mothers have difficulty adjusting to breastfeeding, however, and may benefit from a lactation consultation. A lactation consultation can help you fully understand the breastfeeding process and troubleshoot any problems, pain or confusion you may have.

We can teach you about the many benefits of breastfeeding, how to obtain the proper positioning and help in latching your baby. Our experts can also answer any lactation or nursing questions you may have as well as identifying and correcting any problems you experience.

Even mothers who have had a successful breastfeeding previously may need assistance with a new baby. Our staff will take into consideration your history and concerns before developing a breastfeeding plan for you.

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Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is essential to ensure the healthy growth and development of your baby. Regular visits to your health care provider will allow for your baby's progress to be monitored. Prenatal care will identify any potential problems before they become serious. Women who receive prenatal care have healthier babies, are less likely to deliver prematurely or have pregnancy-related problems.

Prenatal care should begin as soon as possible and, in the early stages of pregnancy, include monthly doctor's visits. These visits will become more frequent as the pregnancy progresses. The visits include a complete physical exam, blood and urine samples and answers to your questions. Your doctor will measure your uterus, take ultrasounds and perform several other tests to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.

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