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Maternity Care

Women commonly experience changes in their mood after the birth of a baby.Thiscan be due to the swiftly changing hormones, the stress of labor, and the exhaustion of taking care of a demanding newborn. However, some women experience severe mood changes after giving birth, which may last up until a year afterward. It is important for both healthcare practitioners and the woman’s partner to be on the lookout for any symptoms or warning signs.

Postpartum blues is a mild form of depression many postpartum women feel. However, if these feelings do not dissipate within two weeks, they can become postpartum depression. Symptoms include anxiety and nervousness, excessive crying, and restlessness.

Postpartum depression is mild to severe depression in women who have given birth within the last year. Symptoms may include loss of energy, anxiety and nervousness, withdrawal from friends or activities you previouslyenjoyed, negative feelings toward the baby, and thoughts of suicide. You should contact our office immediately if you think you have any of these symptoms.

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