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Maternity Care

Breastfeeding is a natural and healthy process that provides advantages to both baby and mother. Many new mothers have difficulty adjusting to breastfeeding, however, and may benefit from a lactation consultation. A lactation consultation can help you fully understand the breastfeeding process and troubleshoot any problems, pain or confusion you may have.

We can teach you about the many benefits of breastfeeding, how to obtain the proper positioning and help in latching your baby. Our experts can also answer any lactation or nursing questions you may have as well as identifying and correcting any problems you experience.

Even mothers who have had a successful breastfeeding previously may need assistance with a new baby. Our staff will take into consideration your history and concerns before developing a breastfeeding plan for you.

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Maternity Services for Franciscan Health
Maternity Services for Community South

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ATTENTION: All non-essential patient appointments are being cancelled. These will be rescheduled once it is safe to do so. As of Tuesday, March 24 we are no longer permitting visitors into our suite. Patients only. This is our effort to provide social distancing for our patients and staff. Please contact our office if you are considering going to the ER and we will triage those appointments appropriately.