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Maternity Care

If you exercise regularly, you can continue your routine throughout your pregnancy if you are comfortable doing so. In early pregnancy, continue with your activities and adjust to your comfort level.

Exercising during your pregnancy will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and may make your labor and delivery easier. Most exercises are safe during pregnancy, as long as you exercise with caution and stop when you feel tired. The safest and most productive activities are those that carry little risk of injury, benefit your entire body, and can be continued until birth. These include swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, and elliptical machines and low-impact aerobics.

Your developing baby and the other demands of pregnancy require more oxygen and energy. You may find that you become out of breath or easily fatigued. Please consult your healthcare practitioner about what level of exercise is right for you.

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ATTENTION: We are allowing PATIENTS ONLY in our suite to allow for social distancing in our waiting room. You MUST wear a mask while in our office. Contact our office if you are experiencing any symptoms prior to coming to our office.